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Our Curriculum – how, what and why?


Our curriculum is any planned experience in school and out; lessons,learning walks,council meetings,assemblies,clubs, sports,trips , visits, workshops and links with the community. The outcomes are designed to meet the needs of the 2014 National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum ,as well as develop the four Learning Values we have chosen to adopt as our core learning skills for our pupils;



Relationships and


Our curriculum is designed in topic/cross curricular learning opportunities for children to immerse themselves in. It is carefully designed with mixed age year groups in mind to ensure that all children have access to the breadth of the curriculum across all areas of learning. These have been mapped across all possible pathways through our classes to ensure that all pupils experience all objectives during their school career with us.

We encourage pupils to build up a love of life long learning, we promote creativity and ownership across the curriculum.We encourage pupils to work independently, in groups and family teams to become actively engaged in their learning. The pupils are taught how to learn ( metacognition) through Growth Mindset and we all celebrate the power of YET !

The quality of teaching is consistently Good or better and alongside our curriculum helps the school to improve, continual improvement fostered by high aspirations and expectations for all. Excellent teaching and learning opportunities allow pupils to be successful in a creative,safe,calm environment We pride ourselves of a pervading culture of strong pupil learning behaviours ;calm and purposeful.

In order to ensure that progression and balance is maintained teachers produce long term plans/maps(areas of study) which are developed into medium term plans (objectives).Short term plans are where the specific needs of learners are addressed and interventions from other adults are considered.

We assess children’s needs and measure impact on progress and attainment and as such teaching is carefully tailored to meet the needs of all pupils across the curriculum. 







At Gomeldon Primary School, we believe that I.C.T. is a vital skill in a constantly evolving world. We therefore aim to provide all children with the opportunity to access a rich source of materials through ICT provision. We use I.C.T. across the curriculum  to support and extend teaching and learning. The children are introduced to a wide range of software, hardware and the internet which they are taught to access easily, safely and responsibly. The children have access to technology in the class room via Fizz books and i-pads.

At Gomeldon Primary School pupils;

Find and interpret information from sources including Internet and CD Roms 

Present, develop and organize their ideas through reorganization of texts, tables, images and sounds.

Share information and work collaboratively

Review, modify and evaluate their work

Extend their understanding of today's technology and apply it to everyday situations



Art and Design is an important part of children's education and it is our aim at Gomeldon Primary School to stimulate creativity and imaginations and to provide children with the opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and an enjoyment in the subject. The Art and Design curriculum includes painting, collage, print making, sculpture (clay and paper & paste), textiles and drawing. We introduce children to the work of artists, crafts persons and designers in order to develop their appreciation of a diverse cultural heritage as well as celebrating our own work as a gallery.



Children are given the opportunity to experience and use a developing range of tools and materials and learn basic skills such as cutting and joining. They have the opportunity to work with textiles, food technology, movements and mechanisms and electrical components, whilst also being taught the need for aesthetic presentation.
Children are given the opportunity to work on their own or as part of a mixed ability team and are taught the importance of evaluating their work and making improvements.
Our food technology room also enables children to have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cooking activities, whilst learning basic skills in food hygiene and preparation



At Gomeldon, we believe that making music is a wonderful way in which to explore and express thoughts and emotions. Music can calm, excite inspire and entertain; it can be used to share information and ideas.Children are given opportunities through classroom music activity to develop their musical appreciation, experience a wide range of musical styles, extend their knowledge of pattern and structure, explore their creativity and imagination and improve their confidence through performance. Children can access peripatetic lessons in strings, woodwind brass and piano.



The study of history at Gomeldon Primary School is an active and rich experience. The children are taught a broad curriculum covering both British and world history, from ancient times to modern day.   Through investigation, they develop enquiry and problem solving skills and also learn how past events have influenced our lives today.

Across the school, year groups adopt a cross-curricular approach with history.  Meaningful links with literacy, art, geography, ICT, music, drama and dance have been made and are constantly being developed. 



At Gomeldon Primary School, the geography we teach aims to be relevant, meaningful, exciting and challenging. It helps children make sense of the world in which they live and to respect the many cultures present in the world today. Through a creative and exciting curriculum, children in geography are encouraged to be brave, confident, and original and to take calculated risks.  By using outside locations (field trips), children have the opportunity to experience geography through real life and first hand experiences. Each year group incorporates an enquiry into their topic.



Opportunities are provided throughout the school for pupils across all year groups to practice and develop their abilities in a range of sports and skills.

Gymnastics and dance take place in the school hall. Skills with balls, ropes, bats and rackets are developed on the school playground. Football, netball, hockey, cricket, touch rugby, rounders and athletics take place on the playground or the school field on a seasonal basis.

The school netball, football, athletics and cross-country teams take part in local competitions. This provides the children with opportunities for many inter-school events during the year. The children also have a variety of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular sports activities wher they often achieve notable success.


Educational Visits

To enrich the curriculum at Gomeldon Primary School ,educational visits are arranged to take place at various times during the school year. These visits help to bring children’s learning to life and compliment their work in the classroom. Frequently run trips include Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Portsmouth Docks and Steam in Swindon, Highclere Castle, Beaulieu, Langford Lakes and village walks. We encourage visitors to school such as leaders of world faiths and  theatre companies. We  carry out a Residential Visit to Avon Tyrrell for Y5/6.



Our syllabus takes an enquiry-led approach to learning in religious education.  Each term children are introduced to a concept, or as we know it  ‘a big idea’. This idea will be related to the children’s own experiences before applying it to other familiar aspects of life. Finally, the idea is then contextualized within the religion the children are learning about. For example, children in Reception will compare how they celebrate their birthdays leading to them learning that Christians celebrate Jesus’ Birthday at Christmas time.

Our aim is to bring RE to life and make it meaningful for our children. Through use of the cycle of enquiry and by arranging visits or visitors we believe our children broaden their knowledge of and respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values.



In our school, we believe that learning a language should be fun and accessible for all children, regardless of their attainment in other curriculum areas. At Gomeldon Primary, our chosen foreign language is French.

By the time children leave our school, they will have experience of speaking, listening to and writing in French; as well as an appreciation of French culture. Hopefully, they will feel enthusiastic about continuing to learn languages at secondary school and beyond.


Curriculum policy

Gomeldon Calculation Policy


If you require any further information about the curriculum at Gomeldon School please contact the office.