Gomeldon Primary School





Winter:           White shirt or white polo shirt.

                       Grey, or black trousers.

                       Grey or black pleated skirts.

                       Gomeldon sweatshirts or Cardigans


Summer:         As above but with the option of wearing grey or black short trousers.

                         Red gingham dresses or skirts.                 





Children should wear sensible school shoes (not boots, trainers or open toe sandals). 



Children should wear yellow Gomeldon t-shirts  together with black shorts.  Children will need plimsolls or suitable shoes for outdoor PE.


We do expect children to have a complete change of clothing for all PE activities.  Clothes should be stored in a named a drawstring bag.  No jewellery should be worn for P.E.


Uniform and P.E. Kit must be labelled with an indelible marker or stitched name tab.


We ask all parents to ensure that their children always wear the correct school uniform which shows respect for the corporate identity and image of the school.


Children’s hair should be well groomed. We ask you not to allow your child to have designs cut into their hair. Long hair should be tied back.




School Uniform

School Uniform can be ordered from